Saturday, October 25, 2008

We've moved!

It's not yet completely and utterly ready, but it's already presentable for it's incredibly underwhelming debut!

Change your pointers, rss feed readers and bookmarks, my honies! It's time for the real deal, the true domain!

Without further ado (because THAT was a lotta ado about not that much), I present to you:

I have to thank Eze (a LOT, I mean, this is on the level for a full body massage with dodo feathers!) for his incredibly tireless toil with the fucking domain and wordpress and all things technological which I refuse to acknowledge they even exist! Without you, my love, it would't have been even remotely plausible! Thank you!

So, guys? See you there? :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I *think* I may have a type...

Stephen Colbert (newsman extraordinaire!) - He's SO dreamy!

Jorge E. Abello (of "Betty la Fea" fame by playing a gloriously funny boss)

Steve Carell (I truly doubt he was a virgin at 40, but I digress...)

Robert Downey Jr. (the edgiest of the bunch, but I love raw edges >-) )

... and from the other side of the ocean:

David Tennant (he would "boyishly-charm" my panties off any day!)

... and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter my ass! This kid ain't no boy no more! Hooo!)

All of 'em dark and sparkling with talent :-)

(secret: none of them hold a candle to my lovely Eze, tho :P)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ballet Pointe Shoes: An Obsession

pink freed ballet shoes, originally uploaded by Laura Walker.

I was born to a life-long ballerina: this guaranteed that I'd be enrolled into the ballet-frenzy early on in my life. I still remember my first ballet lessons. I must have been around 5 years old, and I had a black leotard with tiny white dots, and a simple ruffle around the hips. After I while, I adopted the pink leotard with pink, gauzy, tie-around skirt uniform.

However, I was always fascinated by the grandiosely stiff tutus adult ballerinas wore, and even more than that, I was enthralled by the pointe shoes. I dreamt of going pointe. I used to swipe mom's old pointe shoes from their storage place to put them on and play adult ballerina in my room, away from judging eyes, nearer to my bed in case I should fall.

I never went pointe. My mom, who used to take me to my ballet and jazz classes and spend the whole day taking her own dance lessons in an adjacent studio, broke her ankle and had to swear off dancing. It followed that I would have to quit my lessons too ....

Years later, when I turned 19, I enrolled in jazz classes in the ballet studio my stepmom used to work for. It didn't take long for me to realize that, whatever illusions I had taken with me as a child that I could move gracefully, I couldn't dance worth a dime. I quit a few months thereafter.

Later on I worked up the courage to ask my mom: "Mom... did I dance well when I was a kid?".
She laughed a bit and said: "Hell, no! You had two left feet!".

Hindsght is 20/20. Unless it comes to how happy and talented you were ...