Thursday, October 23, 2008

I *think* I may have a type...

Stephen Colbert (newsman extraordinaire!) - He's SO dreamy!

Jorge E. Abello (of "Betty la Fea" fame by playing a gloriously funny boss)

Steve Carell (I truly doubt he was a virgin at 40, but I digress...)

Robert Downey Jr. (the edgiest of the bunch, but I love raw edges >-) )

... and from the other side of the ocean:

David Tennant (he would "boyishly-charm" my panties off any day!)

... and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter my ass! This kid ain't no boy no more! Hooo!)

All of 'em dark and sparkling with talent :-)

(secret: none of them hold a candle to my lovely Eze, tho :P)


MissTat said...

jaja Diana giving me office-acceptable porn!

Anonymous said...

I am completely with you up until the last two, where I would sub in David Duchovny. So yeah, I guess it *is* a type.

ambika said...

I think I like funny guys, which is why Colbert would be on my list. And RDJ is just dreamy.